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Diffuser Olfadoses

« The Nespresso of essential oils diffusion »

Dedicated to everyone looking for natural well-being and happiness

EONA offers you the opportunity to take advantage of 5 EONA Organic Essential Oil benefits.

Use Principle : 60 minute diffusion of Well-Being, Pleasure, Happiness As Organic Essential Oil professionals, we guarantee the right dosing and use of EONA Olfadoses® for an optimized use of EONA Olfadoses® Diffuser.
The 60 minute diffusion program created by EONA gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the natural well-being of EONA made organic essential oil compositions.
EONA Olfadoses® are single use cellulose natural supports impregnated with EONA Organic Essential Oils and contained in an individual sealed pouch.