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Gisele Delorme´s Expertise

For over 40 years, Gisele Delorme has been mastering the textures and formulas of its products for visible results. Specialist of the face, Gisele Delorme offers a range of tailored, expert and innovative treatments that meet every woman’s desires and skin essential needs.

Our formulas encapsulate a very high concentration of the best active ingredients to bring an effective targeted cosmetic action.
Of natural origin, they draw their power from the benefits of :

Because we believe in the beauty of natural skin, our products are dermatologically tested and formulated without alcohol, parabens or mineral oils.

* Our products are dermatologically tested and formulated without alcohol, parabens or mineral oils.
Most of our products are vegan. Except for the Lip Treatment, Ultimate Cream and the Moisturizing Mask that contain bee wax. 
* Made in France

Gisele Delorme’s method

Gisele Delorme’s philosophy gave birth to a beauty gesture specific to the brand, inspired by the traditional lymphatic drainage and the benefits of aromatherapy, phytotherapy and gemmotherapy. 

The Arom’Activ Drainage is an advanced skincare method combining manual detoxifying and rejuvenating gestures with a synergy of potent active ingredients, for stronger and targeted results. The Arom’Activ serums, pure concentrates of vegetable extracts and essential oils, combined with the essential serums, packed with highly-performant ingredients, offer a range of solutions that can respond to every skin types and concerns.

The numerous benefits of the Arom’Activ Drainage :
1. Intensifies product penetration
2. Improves the immune system.
3. Speeds regeneration of tissues and cells
4. Detoxifies and eliminates toxins
5. Refreshes and revives the natural glow of the skin
6. Nourishes the tissues
7. Helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and under eye-circles
8. Reduces puffi ness
9. Reduces acne spots and scars
10. Promotes general vitality and well-being

Gisele Delorme’s Philosophy

Because the skin is different each day and evolves with the seasons, lifestyle and emotions, Gisele Delorme anticipates and responds to the unique needs of each woman.

Dialogue and sharing are at the heart of the Gisele Delorme expe­rience. Based on a tailor-made know-how for a targeted result, Gisele Delorme accompanies today’s woman in her search for well-being. For this woman, modern, lively and demanding, we offer more than a beauty treatment. It is an intense and imme­diate rejuvenation, which reveals the natural beauty of each.